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Progress report: enum onions

Progress has not been as fast as I hoped lately. There are several reasons for this, but most of it is probably due to a lack of planning. When I finally started programming RustRAT I had a very specific idea of what I wanted to start with. After I finished that specific, little part of RustRAT, progressed seemed to halt to a grind. While I have slowed down some, progress seems slower than it is because my plan is less detailed for this part of the development.

Error handling errors

RustRAT uses libffi (more specifically the libffi-rs bindings) to call arbitrary functions at run-time. This works by putting the function’s argument and return types into a struct and providing libffi with a function pointer. Libffi then makes sure that all the arguments are placed in the correct registers or on the stack and calls the function pointer. I am not that proficient with Rust yet, but if anything is unsafe, I am pretty sure this is it.