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Random musings

A couple of weeks ago I accidentally installed Civ 6 again, which reduced the time I have had available for other non-essential activity. Fortunately, I have just about had enough Civ for this round, which means that I should shortly have more time for things like RustRAT again. Progress has not halted to a complete stop, however, and rustrat-server is now more or less ready to receive incoming connections over HTTP. The server is not very usable at the moment, and before I have something even remotely ready for testing, basic logging and some interface to actually interact with the rats is needed.

(Almost) a RAT

The libffi bindings are now working, which means that RustRAT is now able to execute WebAssembly binaries, and those binaries can call arbitrary functions from dlls. I have also uploaded the code to github, so it is possible to follow the progress at https://github.com/rustrat/rustrat. In this post I will briefly mention what has been done so far, the next step on the way to a full-fledged RAT, and finally a little guide on how to call MessageBoxA from a WebAssembly binary. The present Currently RustRAT is not very exciting, but it is possible to demonstrate the libffi capabilities. The “rustrat-client” executables can be used to execute WebAssembly binaries, for example from the “demo-messagebox” crate, which will call MessageBoxA.