Last updated: 2021-06-09

Version 0.1


  • Basic rat functionality
    • Load compiled WASM, execute specified functions
    • Ability to execute Win32 API functions
  • Basic server
    • Accept incoming connections from rats, issue commands to rats
      • The sqlite database has to be manually edited to do this at the moment
  • Communication
    • ~A communication protocol
    • Communication over HTTP
  • Secure communications
    • Key exchange
    • Encryption
  • Communication from rats
    • Check in
    • Retrieving tasks
  • Basic logging capabilities
  • Ability to get output back from rats
  • Console UI to issue commands to rats
    • List of RATS
    • Ability to execute WASM blobs and display output


  • Code to parse loaded PEs, load new PEs
    • And then making something that can be executed both natively and inside WASM
  • Functionality to help with FFI calls and error handling from the WebAssembly side
    • Link FFI calls to WASM runtime directly?
    • Make working with pointers prettier
    • This could make it easier to allow for 32-bit rats by defining “native” pointer types

Further work

  • Figure out why the server UI sometimes fails to start
  • Moving client .exe and .dll to separate crates
  • Allow for cross compilation (compiling rats for Windows on Linux)
  • Define traits(?) for servers, allow them to be configured/started/stopped
  • Define traits(?) for various functionality in rats, in preparation of allowing functionality to be swapped out at runtime
  • Make it possible to collect/display (arbitrary?) metadata about rats
  • Add functionality to persist and reuse wasm
  • Web UI for the server
  • TLS support for listeners
  • Make it possible to reconfigure rats at runtime
  • Optimize WebAssembly code (for size)
  • General optimizations for rat binaries (mainly size)
  • GUI for the server side (probably HTTP)
  • Communication over DNS / DoH
  • Support more operating systems
  • Functionality to avoid hooked API functions?
  • More capabilities
  • More communication possibilities

Other things to consider